To vet or to vet: That is the answer

vetting-social-media-inffluencersAs a PR and marketing professional, one of the many services I provide my clients is influencer relations. Because I am not part of a big, over-blown agency concerned with cramming in as many billable hours possible to provide clients their services in the quickest amount of time, I spend a great deal of time vetting the influencers I propose they work with. And I don’t just don’t do this once… I reevaluate the influencers I work with at least once a year. For me, I look at a lot of things when selecting a blogger or online key opinion leader to work with.

When I select an influencer to work with, I look at a lot of things, including the following:

  • The influencer’s demographic.
  • The influencer’s blog and/or social media content. Is it mostly sponsored, well written, etc.?
  • Social media reach and the authenticity of their communication.
  • The influencer’s personality.

I am floored by the brands and PR and marketing pros that do not do these things when putting together lists of folks they want to work with on campaigns. Working with bloggers and other online influencers is a big investment for brands, and I believe that just like with any other investment, there should be a tangible return in the form of authentic communication and reach with an audience that will be responsive to the messaging.

No one wants to speak into an empty can. I make sure my clients are speaking into a microphone. If you are working with an agency, consultant or even your own on-staff PR pros, be sure to discuss vetting the influencers your brand is connecting with.