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Public Relations & Marketing Strategy

We work with brands to understand their needs and voice in order to create and execute marketing and public relations plans that will get them the exposure and results they need and deserve. We know that when it comes to PR and influencer relations that it’s about more than just getting coverage; it’s about getting your brand in front of your key audiences.

Social Media Strategy & Community Management

Social media is more than just a post, tweet, video or photo; it is an official line of communication between a brand and its audience. We create targeted campaigns and ongoing management that are the right fit for who you are and what you can afford.

Website Development, Planning & Architecture

Writing a website isn’t like writing a brochure or any other form of communication. Our team understands the unique habits, psychology and needs of website users and keeps these considerations in mind as we assist our clients in developing their websites for desktop, mobile and tablets.

Copywriting, Editing & Ghostwriting

Powerful, targeted communications are the key to being heard. We have done it all–from executive ghostwriting to newspaper and magazine features to internal and external communications and beyond. Need social media text drafted? Want a full book written or edited in your personal or brand voice? We’ve got you covered.

Are you an influencer, journalist or blogger? We would love to work with you!

Thoughtful. Innovative. Attentive.

A boutique, client-focused agency.
Dedicated to finding meaningful ways to bring your brand's voice to life.
  • Communications Strategy Experts specializing in:
  • * travel & Tourism
  • * Entertainment industry & television production
  • * healthcare, child development & education

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